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Distorted World of Halloween by IoaleKelina
Distorted World of Halloween
Contest entry for :iconsundayanarchy:'s Halloween Contest.

After a year (almost) of pondering, I've finally decided to make a second entry for this contest. Since my first entry was a literature, this time, I'm entering with a drawing.

Disclaimer: This was done 100% traditionally. I have my ball point pens to prove it :iconmingplz:

Anyone who can guess what's at the top left corner will get 1 point and a fangirl hug from me~

Sunday (c) sundayAnarchy
Tori-Shinma: Kyow by IoaleKelina
Tori-Shinma: Kyow

Application for the lovely group :icontori-shinma: by Yuukia-Hime

Semi-human form sketch:

Name: Kyow

Visual Age: 22

Actual Age: 44

Gender: Male

Faction: Vanquish 

Species: Resplendent Quetzal

+Forests, especially cloud forests
+Sweet fruits and berries, especially avocadoes. 
+His quetzal friends

-His brothers Krisge and Kfael
-His parents baby-ing him
-Wide, open spaces 
-Loud, distracting noises 
-Books with many vibrant images (They tend to distract him because of his short attention span.)
-The fact that humans actually write good books. 


Kyow came from a set of triplets. He has two brothers, Krisge and Kfael, both whom are older than him, thus making him the little runt of the family.

Since young, Kyow's parents constantly babied him, being the cutest and prettiest among his brothers. As a result, his brothers became rather jealous of him. Out of jealousy and childishness, they tend to bully him by dressing him up like a girl, placing flowers in his hair, stealing their mother's makeup to doll with him and such. With his brothers' weird way of bullying and the fact that he possess the 'prettier' qualities, many often mistake him as a girl. That confused poor Kyow so much at a young age that he actually thought he was a girl at one point.

As he grew though, he got sick of his brothers' bullying and teasing. Furthermore, his brothers had became more mature, dropping their childish acts of bullying him. Thus, his brothers' maturity and his determination gave Kyow a chance to buff himself up to differ from the females.

Since a young age, Kyow tend to wander into the cloud forests near his home. It was a safe sanctuary for him, away from his brothers' teasing. There was where he spent most of his time, where he grew, and soon, he became rather attached to the forests, as well as the animals and birds, namely the quetzals. He would climb up the trees and sit on the tall branches with a book to read while enjoying the company of the quetzals by his side.

Kyow has an attachment to books. At first, he used the books to hide his face when he's embarrassed or to hide him from his brothers because he mistook that as the function of books. But then, he became engrossed with the contents of the books. Each page tells him something he doesn't know, be it about humans or anything else. He likes to read them, but due to the short attention spans Toris have, he has to read in a quiet place where there are no sound pollution in the air. Being so, cloud forests are his reading haven.

Of course, humans never appreciate whatever they're gifted with. Development they said, but Kyow wasn't buying any of that. He saw how the humans chased the animals and birds out of their homes and tear down the forests tree by tree. His anger towards the humans slowly grew in his heart, changing the 'sweet, mistaken-as-a-girl' Kyow into a more harsher, more violent Kyow.

His anger was fueled even more when he found that his quetzal friends were held captive for research. He infiltrated their laboratory, only to find that his friends had all died due to the fact that quetzals are unable to live in captivity. Blinded by rage, he thrashed the place, injuring and killing some researchers in the process.

With the blood of humans in his hands, Kyow smiled in satisfaction.

"I'll murder you all, one day..."

Bad habits: 
-Kyow likes to fiddle with his tail. He loves it <3

Specific traits: 
-Kyow can navigate around forests easily, can't say the same about places without the secluded cover of trees. 
-In his semi-human form, he wears reading glasses and he's always seen with a book.
-Kyow really does kyow! He learned to imitate the sound of his fellow quetzals at young age, so he uses that call to call out to them. 
{Kyow is the sound made by quetzals. It is described as the sound of a whimpering pup. Legends state that quetzals used to fill the cloud forests with beautiful songs, but after colonisation occurred, the quetzals resort to kyowing. It is said that the quetzals will only sing again when the land is truly free.}

Friends: None at the moment. Talk to him, he'll like that!

Relationship Status: Single at the moment.

C: The Inteligent
Str ♥♥♥
Int ♥♥♥♥♥

.: SG :. Cat's Dance by IoaleKelina
.: SG :. Cat's Dance
[Thigh up] 30 pts + [Simple Shading (Monochrome)] 80 pts + [Additional Character] 50 pts = 160 points. 16 points for Rosmarinus.

So yeah, during exam period, I was listening to Hatsune Miku's song Cat's Dance and I got a spark of inspiration. It was supposed to be Kitsune at first, but yeah, decided to draw cutie kouhai Fukui instead XD

And... Meet the genderbent version of Kitsune! I named him Katsuo :3 Maybe, just maybe, I'll make him an NPC cause I kinda fell in love with him Q w Q The tattoo on his chest is the Ariyama family emblem. Kitsune has one too, where is it, you don't want to know XD 

Characters: :iconshiren-gakuen:
Minae Fukui (c) A13stract
Ariyama Katsuo (c) IoaleKelina
Happy 57th Independence Day Malaysia! by IoaleKelina
Happy 57th Independence Day Malaysia!
Selamat Hari Merdeka ke-57!!!

Kita semua senyum bersama, kita semua menahan kesakitan bersama, kita semua menanggung kesedihan bersama, kita semua menyambut kejayaan bersama... Kita semua warganegara Malaysia, meraikan Hari Merdeka bersama-sama. Selamat Hari Merdeka...

Malaysia - design (c) IoaleKelina & A13stract 
.:SG:. Matryoshka - Kitsune and Fukui by IoaleKelina
.:SG:. Matryoshka - Kitsune and Fukui
[Bust-up] 20 pts + [Simple Shading (Coloured)] 120 pts + [Background: Simple Details] 20 pts + [Additional Character] 50 pts = 210 points.

Anata to watashi de RANDEVOUS? RANDEVOUS?

HAPPY BIRTHDAY :icona13stract:!!! 

I know you saw this already Q v Q But you know, trials and all... I'm so sorry >.< I-I have a better pressie for you... I'll give it to you in the morning ;w; //rolls on the floor sawbing 

You know that I love you a lot, my sweet little kouhai~ You're such a great friend to me, you're always there with me, be it fangirling over animes in class, ranting about problems, laughing like maniacs during tuition, eating together during recess and lunch... This is kinda the reason why I'm sad that high school will be ending soon... You're so much to me, my good friend, my kouhai, my sister, my 'watashi' teacher XD, my art buddy, my singing duettist, my counselor, my tablemate, my roll-on-the-floor-laughing partner and... So much more Q w Q Ling Ling is such a derp.

We both are always doing crazy things (Pfft, what Ms. Yeow said XD), like the first time we went out for lunch tuition, just the both of us, and we were so scared, thinking that we have to 洗碗 if we have not enough cash XD. And all our freaky 'insane' essays, our weird ways of teaching each other school subjects, drawing each others' OCs in class and singing Vocaloid songs during free periods (We hadn't managed Ura-Omote Lovers yet!). 

Ya know, with our craziness, we fit Fukui and Kitsune very well here XD We're crazy patched-up Matryoshkas~ 

You're just the sweetest kouhai ever, I love you to bits! 

Keep in touch after we leave high school k? Or Ling Ling will crai Q A Q (Threatening? Oui, very much o w o)

Characters: :iconshiren-gakuen: 
Minae Fukui (c) :icona13stract: 
Ariyama Kitsune (c) :iconioalekelina: 

Screw the points, I'll add them later... I'm handling it after all... Now let me just love my kouhai~

Oh well, just thought I'd do this since it seems interesting~ I'm a day late... But it's because my internet had problems yesterday >.<

I opened my dA account back in June 2012, so that makes it a little over two years old. Since I was a kid, I love visual arts, but I never drew seriously, I was only 'serious' in performing arts and writing. After having a dA account, I slowly started to improve in visual arts (my old art is ewww...) and around September last year, I started taking arts as an extra subject in school even though I'm a pure science student.

The thing I love about dA are RP groups. I've joined several in these two years, some died after the members became inactive while some are still somewhat active. As for myself, I created a group with my friends, :iconshiren-gakuen: and was a mod for :iconjing-ka:, which unfortunately died in the beginning of the year... I'm planning on creating an RP group with two of my friends after SPM. The reasons I love RP groups are creating beloved OCs and making new friends!

And I guess I should explain what my username means? Well, I thought of it on the spot, but I became rather attached to it and it became my account name for most of my accounts. It's a combination of my two OCs back then, Ioale Sirdis and Kelina Dawn Hearan. They both were supposed to be main characters (along with Izumi who was never shown) in a story I was working on, Daybreak Mist & Daybreak Storm, but I dropped it halfway due to personal reasons. Now, Ioale is waiting in the 'old folks' home' and Kelina's identity was never known... So if you call me Ioale, you're calling a dead, inactive, sad character XD

I'm a varied artist, so my gallery is a huge mash up XD

Happy Birthday DeviantART!!!

EsXVI: Westflight Laurenxile of Xi'an by IoaleKelina  [Contest] Run Together by IoaleKelina
Original Characters: My drawings of my beloved babies >w< Featured here are my daughter Westflight and my boy Sempurne~ (Mimi (c) sundayAnarchy) My other children Ioale, Cartinue, Ruien, Kitsune, Quory and Reiyuu are all waiting backstage~ Kyow is still an embryo, so wait for him~

Nine Tails and Five Tails by IoaleKelina  Kuroshitsuji: RanMao by IoaleKelina

Fan Art: Some art based on my current obsessions at that moment~

Waterscape by IoaleKelina   Procrastination by IoaleKelina

School Work: My schoolwork for art class e w e

The Canterbury Cathedral by IoaleKelina    Rigaudon by IoaleKelina

PhotographyRandom pictures I take during travels and life events.

Crystal Mooncakes by IoaleKelina     Mini Cupcakes by IoaleKelina

Culinary Art: Haha, I'm a baker too XD Told you I'm a very varied artist! Most of these are my old decorated cakes, my current ones look much better ><

Literature: If I were to describe myself, I'm more of a writer than an artist >.< (All characters except my characters included in the literatures belong to their respective owners.)

  • Mood: dA Love
  • Listening to: Ura-Omote Lovers
  • Watching: DRAMAtical murder
  • Eating: Mamee Monster
  • Drinking: Water


子玲 Zi Ling
Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
[My premium membership just ended... So it'll take some time for me to rearrange my page ^-^"]

Let's see, some decent introduction?

Hi dA~! You may call me Ling 玲 (Feel free to add anything behind it~!), or you may call me Ioale or Kelina. Anything is fine~! ^-^ I'm a just an innocent little Chinese girl, so you can chat with me in either English or Chinese. I won't bite~

欢迎光临~!大家可以叫我玲玲~^-^ 我是一位住在马来西亚的华人,请别害怕!我不会伤害你们的~



I can only do traditional art. I can't do digital art. But I'm proud of being a Traditional Artist, I don't mind not being able to do digital art.

I love cake decorating. So you'll probably see me spamming my deviantART account with baked goodies~ I also like visiting places and taking photographs, so you'll also find lots of photos of the places I visit.

I'm such a varied artist, ain't I e v e

I love ballet more than anything in the world. I'm currently at Advanced 1. I'm a part-time volunteer teacher at my dance academy, teaching young children from Baby Ballet to Grade 3. I dedicate myself in it and I hope to be a ballet teacher in the future. I do other dances too, even though I major in ballet. I also learn Contempt, Jazz, Modern Dance, Line Dance, and Traditional Dances (Arabian, Chinese, Malay), they're mostly bits and pieces I learn from my dance teacher, I don't take exams for them... I used to learn piano, but I stopped when I was 10 at Grade 2. Dance is more of my thing.

Another one thing I love, secondly to ballet and dancing is horse riding ^-^ I love horses and ponies, especially those friendly and adorable ones in my riding school~ Horses are just so sweet and beautiful, and they always seem to be ready to lend an ear. Even though they can't speak, I can hear their voices, they are sentient beings just like us. Just to say, I LOVE ANIMALS~! Sometimes more than humans...

My Skype: IoaleKelina

Just putting up a to-do list for I might forget after SPM or trials ><

1. Contest entry for Halloween Contest
2. Art for :icona13stract:
3. Commission for :iconkaylied-estal:
4. Painting of sheeps for my Baba.
5. Continuation of Seven Deadly Sins literature for :iconshiren-gakuen:
6. App sheet for :iconsacchalarine:
7. App sheet for :icontori-shinma:
8. Collab adopts with :icona13stract:
9. Kiriban prize for whoever who gets it :P
10. Art for :icontpfls: and :iconlyouie:

More that I forgot maybe >.< Ling Ling is forgetful...

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