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子玲 Zi Ling
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Let's see, some decent introduction?

You may all call me Ling 玲, I'm a just an innocent little Chinese girl, so you can chat with me in either English or Chinese. (or Malay but I'll be really formal and shit cause I don't use/don't like using informal Malay)



我会英语,华语, 日语和马来文。法语?不是很好…

はじめまして, どぞよろしく。

I love ballet more than anything in the world. I'm currently at Advanced 1, but I sadly had to stop because of university.. I also used to learn piano, but I stopped when I was 9 at Grade 2. Dance is more of my thing.

Another one thing I love, secondly to dancing is horse riding. I'm not very good at it, but I just love horses and ponies, especially those friendly and adorable ones in my riding school. Horses are just so sweet and beautiful, and they always seem to be ready to lend an ear. Even though they can't speak, I can hear their voices, they are sentient beings just like us. Just to say, I LOVE ANIMALS! Sometimes more than humans...


I live in a multiracial/multilingual country, thus, explains the mash up of languages. I've been conversing in English, Chinese, Malay and Cantonese since a young age. Japanese is an extra foreign language subject I'm taking in university (I can only read Hiragana and Katakana, and very little Kanji... Don't hit me with Kanji cause I'll just read most of them as Chinese characters >.<)

BT EN Language Level stamp4 by Faeth-design China lang4 by Faeth-design Malaysian Language Level (Expert) by LukeinatorDude Cantonese language level INTERMEDIATE by TheFlagandAnthemGuy JP Language Level stamp2 by Faeth-design

Hey deviantART, it's December now and we're getting close to the end of the year! How time flies huh? I would like to apologise for my inactivity, it seems to me that University would spare me no time to do art anymore... It was so much different back in high school or even my 6 months of college... "I'll draw when I have the time," is what I always say, so I'll post drawings once in a while to keep this account somewhat active ;w;

Anyways, back to the topic of this journal, I want some advice/opinions from those who have second languages or more. I found out from my senior that in order to graduate, one of the university subject I have to take in degree is foreign language. I'm already taking Japanese as a foreign language but I found out that the class is a private class and not part of the university... But I don't think it's a waste :) I love my Japanese class.

My university offers Malay, French, Japanese, Korean, Spanish and Arabic. Only international students can take Malay and there's no way I'm taking Arabic (seeing their writing scares me Q A Q ) I would like to know which languages are easier to learn, so hopefully I can get some advice on this?

I know that you have to take into account the other languages you already know, so it should be something an English-speaker can easily pick up cause my first language is English. My second language is Mandarin Chinese, third is Malay, fourth is Cantonese Chinese and last is Japanese.

Also, should I quit taking law and major in languages? :3 Jkjkjkjk My parents, being typical Chinese parents want either a doctor or a lawyer in the family :P

Also, I would like to know if anyone has second or more languages :) It'll be so cool to know! I personally admire people who knows many languages :iconadmireplz:
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  • Eating: Starving...
  • Drinking: Absolutely parched...

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